In the context of a global and digital society, we accept the challenge of creating new experiences, blending art and technology with the highest quality standards.
We produce artistic, cultural and educational projects, with institutions and artists who are local and international referents of music and the multimedia arts.
Being loyal with our philosophy of promoting emerging artists, each company that trust our work, will contribute to a collaborative fund to promote the prodution of work of the new creators.

‘We trust MUTEK Buenos Aires’ production to Artlab for it´s top-level work focused on artistic wevents, taking care of the whole production, it’s artists and the audience’
– Alain Mongeau (Director general; fundador del Festival Internacional de Creatividad Digital MUTEK)

We developed a reinterpretation of the Miso Orchestra for Microsoft’s online event. Shot on Usina del Arte with artists Ernesto Romeo & Gonzalo Solimano in a modular format.
Choreographed by Melisa Zulberti and contemporary dancers.
Directed by Carbo Carbo.

We produced the audiovisual installation for the Digital Art Space of the CCK alongside artist Martin Borini in collaboration with Panoramica. The installation served as a structure for dozens of artists to show their pieces that year.