Dialog arrives on the worldwide art scene, acting as a moderator between different artists and languages, giving space to new creative meanings and propelling the community’s dialogue with art.

Situated in the digital era, it could be believed that all the aspects related to communication should be resolved. Even more, if the infinite resources that the current technology provides were to be considered, resources capable of putting us in contact in real time and with no geographical borders.

But are human beings communicating in the current time? Different experts in the matter propose that every day the distance between people grows, even the one between those who are physically close.

According to David Bohm, american physicist and key figure of the scientific thought of the XX century, there is an ideal tool to recover communication: dialog.

In general, people tend to believe that they effectively put in practice their dialog capacities in each human interaction.

As specified by Bohm, we should ask ourselves if we truly transmit our ideas and listen to the ideas of others, without prejudice and without trying to impose our  own beliefs. The challenge that this presents is a new way of seeing things, urging us to shush the individual thoughts, co-creating a collective consciousness that sums up voices and joins different points of view.

With this dialog spirit as the foundational stone of its philosophy, comes to the Argentinian artistic scene: Dialog. The recording label that makes communication its raw material. Raised as a new space for creative negotiation, this project incubated in our platform, promotes the interaction between musical styles from different cultures and the diverse genres of electronic music, proposing a fluid interdisciplinar exchange. 

In this way, the label will serve as a visibility platform for the works produced within the framework of our Residencies program, as well as for the different artistic projects carried out in our Studio. Accompanying each new EP, the dialogic exercise is complemented with visual passages of digital art extracted from AV projects, producing a true alchemy of the arts.

In this collaborative artistic action, each genre will contribute its own imprint, thus covering the entire stylistic spectrum: from organic sounds to the most synthetic, industrial, dark, or textured, always respecting the same curatorial concept. The resulting sound proposals reach the public offering an immersive sound experience, transporting them to a universe that expands day by day in a network of acoustic multiverses.

Bohm argues that dialogue can be sustained between an infinite number of people, empowering itself as a new current, which flows between those involved who co-create it, this is the glue of those who achieve dialogue and is the main objective of our platform.

Dialog arrives on the worldwide art scene, acting as a moderator between different artists and languages, giving space to new creative meanings and propelling the community’s dialogue with art.

Curated by
Bachelor in Curatorship and Arts Management: Marianella Baladán. 




With an interactive performance format, the work combines ambient sound through synthesizers by the Argentine DJ and Producer Jonás Kopp, with the voice and acoustic instruments provided by the singer and sound therapist Flor del Valle. The resulting sound frequencies, in resonance with the viewer, turn this artistic proposal into a healing experience.


Bruno De Vincenti

Olhos de Dragao was created from the exploration of different synthesis and sampling techniques during the first period of quarantine. It synthesizes and samples textures and melodies that refer to the world of dreams.

Bruno De Vincenti, Producer and Musician from Buenos Aires, has been active since 1995 through various projects such as Acum23, Ivan Johnson, as part of Miranda!, creating the Zensible Rec label and running the group Argensynth


Las Olas

After participating in MUTEK.ES+AR 2021 (Buenos Aires/Barcelona) and being selected along with 9 other Argentine artists to appear in the PRO edition of the Primavera Sound Festival, ‘Las Olas’ presents two reversions of the track published in its first EP from 2020. A mutant ensemble born in a pandemic that manages to organically integrate ambient and electronic music with elements of classical and contemporary music.



After her experience as a resident in our Artlab Artist-In-Residence Programme x Amplify D.A.I, and her debut presentation at the hybrid edition of the MUTEK Montreal 2021 festival, the sound artist AVR010, together with the visuals of PRIFMA and the mentorship of Nai Borg, return to shine with this joint work on all digital platforms.


Nico Sorin

Developed within the framework of the Artlab Artist-In-Residence Programme x Amplify DAI in Solo No1, his first solo project, Nico Sorin distances himself for the first time from the great ensembles of musicians, emulating a very particular orchestra, with synthesizers, samplers, toy piano and rhythm machines. In his new electronic-based proposal, diverse genres such as pop, classic, electro, jazz, experimental and industrial coexist, merge and dialogue, with no other rule than that of full creative freedom.


Microfeel + Santiago Bartolomé

Shaped by six tracks written and produced by Sebastián Seifert and Santiago Bartolomé, each track dives in a label-free universe. 

This soundwork is the result of a Live AV performance that mixes digital art, electronic music and the guitar of mutimedia artist Microfeel, with trumpet and processes’ execution by musician and composer Santiago Bartolomé.



Las Olas

As if it was a fantastic tale, the compositions of «Capitulo V» (Chapter V) invite the listener to a trip through dreamy soundscapes with nature as the spatial and acoustic environment.

Continuing with the characteristic instrumental style of the group, each track invites the audience to take a personal journey, with titles that evoke the fresh, fresh and fragile aspects of nature. 


Berenice Llorens

“Portal del Sur“ (Portal of the South) is the new record by argentinian artist Berenice Llorens. Developed during our Artist-In-Residence program, alongside Brazilian artist Carol Santana, who created the cover for this EP.

It is based in nature’s influence and the deep listening of natural spaces free of sound pollution, as well as urban ones. With improvisation as compositing method, a selection of sounds, pulses, rarities, mismatches and harmonies through the exploration of electronic genres such as techno, break, ambient and electroacustics. 



Ik Pegasi is the result of the collaboration between argentinian artist L41N_9 and canadian artist Sonya Stefan (who developed this EP’s cover). 

A project based in the transformation of spatial realms intertwined with existence. It referes to the ominous cycle of death, and the unknown dimmensions that channel a re-energized universe in the cosmos.

Its music and images are fed by the light of a sole supernova, a gigantic cosmic story that takes us to another form. 

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