In the context of a global and digital society, we accept the challenge of creating new experiences, blending art and technology with the highest quality standards.

We produce artistic, cultural and educational projects, with institutions and artists who are local and international referents of music and the multimedia arts.

Integral production

6K AV Production

A/V Developments / Mapping / Virtual Sceneries with Unreal Engine / 3D developments / Generative artworks / Binaural and Immersive Sound / Audio Branding / Photo & Video / Streaming / Editing and post-production

Technical production

Sound / Lighting / Energy / LED Video / Structures

Creativity & Design

Ad Hoc experiences conceptualization and development / Artistic Direction / Stage, Light, Sound and Animation design

Artistic Counseling

Artistic counseling / Bookings / Shows / Content development alongside: Sound, Visual and Performer artists.



Contracts / Insurance / Habilitations

With Artlab’s production for Artbag and Buenos Aires City’s Ministry of Culture, in association with Borderless Capital and Ripio and the support of Agrotoken, Algorand, Koibanx, Travel X, Decentraland and Aorist, we enjoyed the presentation of “Machine Hallucinations: Coral” by the renowned turkish artist Refik Anadol in the mythical Colón Theatre, during Buenos Aires’ Art Week

On Earth Day, alongside Levi’s, we intervened Buenos Aire’s Planetarium in an integral production to support the environment.

We worked on a creative idea alongside the brand, that included artistic curatorship and the production of an A/V show in Full-Dome format that impressed the audience while they enjoyed the performances of the artists Jonas Kopp, Uji, Kaleema and Sidirum. 

‘We trust MUTEK Buenos Aires’ production to Artlab for it’s top-level work focused on artistic events, taking care of the whole production, it’s artists and the audience’

– Alain Mongeau (General Director and Founder of MUTEK)

Since 2021, alongside Malba Joven and Levi’s, we curate and produce the ‘Música a Cielo Abierto’ cycle, presented in the rooftop and main stais of the Latinamerican Art Museum of Buenos Aires. 

In its different editions, the audience enjoyed the live performances of artists FORMA, Nico Sorin, Uji, Ibiza Pareo and Agua Florida.

For the first time in 18 years, the Ciudad Emergente Festival hosted its own space dedicated to technology, digital art and electronic music, and Artlab was chosen by Festivales de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires to carry on #Emergentech.

During three days, a XIX century house in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo held immersive installations, digital arts and NFT’s exhibitions, and live performances in two different stages that altogether formed a re-encounter long awaited by all of us.

We developed a reinterpretation of the Miso Orchestra for Microsoft’s online event. Shot on Usina del Arte with artists Ernesto Romeo & Gonzalo Solimano in a modular format.

Choreographed by Melisa Zulberti and contemporary dancers.
Directed by Carbo Carbo.

We developed a generative and audio-reactive art installation for Human Agency to be presented at the Primavera Sound Festival. 

The ‘Bits by Axion’ space became the epicenter of DJ’s and electronic music of the festival, where international artists marked their spot alongside the festival’s proposals.

Alongside Artist Martin Borini and Panorama, we produced the A/V installation for the Digital Arts Space at the CCK. The installation served as container for a dozen of artists to showcase their work for a year.

Being loyal with our philosophy of promoting emerging artists, each company that trust our work, will contribute to a collaborative fund to promote the prodution of work of the new creators.

Video: Luciano Toledo (Tolch) – Tracking with Kinect at Artlab Studio

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