Expanded Music
3D &
Binaural Sound

We work with the necessary technology to bring real immersive experiences to life in: Installation, sound works and audiovisual, whether in virtual or physical format.

Sorround sound gives the audience a three dimensional and realistic sound experience as they have never heard before. 
This revolutionary technology submerges the listeners with sounds coming in from all angles, giving them a completely new emotional level of entertainment, emulating the feeling of “being there“.

A true immersive experience, through Binaural Sound. 

Stereophonic binaural sound is recorded and played in two channels, with frecuencies with little hz magnitude differences. When the brain perceives that difference, it interprets a unique sound. As a result, not only a more immersive experience is generated, but a meditational and wellness state is reached. Using any high-quality headphones will improve its result.