Artlab Artist-In-Residence Programme x Amplify D.A.I.

Artist-In-Residence Programme

In recent years, the value of experience and the exchange of knowledge has become one of the fundamental pillars in the development of artistic training.

The global society requires alternative forms of training that include the new needs of a cross-border world, characterised by the fluid migration of people, languages and cultures. Considering the vicissitudes of the new cartographic networks also implies a careful reading of the urgent demands of today’s society, where issues such as inclusion and diversity have become absolutely essential. In the same way, the advance of digital technology has transformed people’s lives and deserves immediate consideration. In this sense, the different artistic residency programmes have established themselves around the world as privileged spaces that foster dialogue and debates about the issues that affect us as a society.

Founded in March 2021, Artlab Artist-In-Residence Program is the first residency programme in Argentina, focused on contemporary artistic practices whose common denominator is the use of digital technology. Located in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires, its Studio proposes a pause in space and time, integrating the energy of the urban into a time of reflection, creativity and experimentation that is re-constructed with each new creative process.

Designed as a mechanism for action, it prioritises inclusion and diversity in all its forms, promoting the participation of national and international artists while – with a federal and regional vocation – encouraging the integration of creators from all over the country and the region.

For each new edition, the programme will host two or more residents whose main objective will be to create a joint body of work.

The collaborative work – based on different aesthetic languages – contributes to enriching the individual and collective experience, also multiplying the possible meanings. On the other hand, in order to provide them with tools to enhance their professional performance, the artists will have access to different mentoring, workshops and workshops, designed according to the needs of each particular case.

With the solid conviction that only by weaving networks is it possible to build community, Artlab Artist-In-Residence counts on the British Council as one of its main allies. This institution participates through its initiative Amplify D.A.I., a platform for professionals identified as women.

Artlab Artist-In-Residence Program thus begins its activity, inaugurating in the country a programme of residencies dedicated exclusively to the productions of artists who use digital technology as a creative trigger, material and/or support. In this way, it hopes to contribute to and strengthen an increasingly inclusive community, attentive to the values of diversity and interculturality and favouring the exchange of knowledge.

Curated by:
Bachelor in Curatorship and Arts Management: Marianella Baladán. 

Artlab Docs: AVR010 + PRIFMA

We invite you to meet the backstage of the world of AVR010 + PRIFMA,  in which you will find an intense development of the artwork that had Nai Borg as mentor.

The final result of this inaugural edition of the programme was presented in a Live AV performance format in the MUTEK Montréal  2021 Hybrid Edition and the Emergentech space of the Ciudad Emergente Festival.

We proudly present the first documentary for our program! 

Artlab Docs: Nico Sorin + Efe Ce Ele

To relive one of the strongest presentations of our Artist-In-Residence programme thrills us, showing you it’s backstage excites us. If you already enjoyed this Live A/V performance, don’t miss this amazing backstage documentary.

Produced in 2021 during Artlab’s Artist-In-Residence Programme in collaboration with Amplify D.A.I, Nico Sorin’s and Efe Ce Ele’s Live A/V performance was developed in collaboration with Santiago Vazquez in percussion and palms and Patricio Tejedor in lighting design.

On the same year, it was presented in MUTEK Montreal’s and MUTEK Japan’s Hybrid Editions, in the Arts and Techonology space in the Ciudad Emergente Festival (‘Emergentech’) and edited in an EP format through our record label Dialog.

Artlab Docs: Berenice Llorens (AR) + Carol Santana (BR)

This time, Berenice Llorens and Carol Santana share a first person experience of their virtual collaborative work and it’s resulting artwork: ‘Portal del Sur’ (Portal of the South) 

Artlab Docs: L41N_9 (AR) + Sonya Stefan (CA)

In this doc, L41N_9 and Sonya Stefan share part of their creative process developed remotely, and how it became the artwork ‘Ik Pegasi’, presented in the MUTEK Montréal Festival (2022 – Online) and MUTEK Argentina 2022 (Live) 

Artlab Docs: Symi (AR) + Keila Sankofa (BR)

In this experience argentinian sound artist Symi worked alongisde brazilian AV artist and producer Keila Sankofa, to develop the AV piece:  ‘Presente das Presencas’. 

Artlab Docs: GLOR1A (UK) + Frances Adair McKenzie (CA)

In this short doc, the creators and leads of the Live AV Performance  ‘Seeing God(dess)’ share with us how they lived one of the first big challenges of the Artist-In-Residence Program, which became the first instance of presential residencies with participants from other countries.